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Jesus’ Last Words - Our Drive

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Right before ascending to Heaven, having defeated death itself; resurrected and glorified, Jesus Christ left one last commandment to His disciples: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15). The one thing He wanted to emphasize and instill in them in His Ascension, is what we known today as the Great Commission, to share the Living Hope we find in Him.

Campaign for Christ International is passionate in obeying this commandment we all received, spreading the message that has changed our lives completely. Josiah Alway, evangelist and speaker, boldly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, through preaching in tents, auditoriums and in the street.

As a ministry, we have been blessed to have a full time medical doctor on staff. Dr. Fidel Reyes, M.D., sees hundreds of patients every campaign without any cost to them providing medical care and medication, helping people with their physical and spiritual needs. Because this world awaits in earnest expectation to see the kindness of Christ, the love of Christ, His mercy and compassion through His children...through each of us.

Our goal is to worship God in Spirit and in truth, not to entertain. We have often asked ourselves, "If Jesus was sitting on the front row, how would we worship?". Our goal is to focus and glorify God in song and in all that we do. Led by Jabes Bustamante, every Campaign we minister to the Lord with music that attracts His presence, music that has changed our lives.

We pray to be led by God’s grace to every place we go, to live as Jesus would treading this world making a difference, to have the FAITH required to see His moving in this planet again. Someone once challenged us with the question - “Got enough faith?” Oh Lord, by your grace and your grace alone, may we have it to see a new Awakening!

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